Academic difference should not prevent individuals from learning.
We think learning environments can and should adapt to academic differences.

We help students, their families and schools address learning difficulties and social/emotional barriers with a combination of instruction, technology and leading research.


for students
Test our cool toys in the Learn Different lab.


for parents
Help your students learn how to learn and how to demonstrate their learning


for students
Strengthen relationships at home through play, cognitive-behavioral or traditional therapies.


for teachers
Find professional development resources to teach 25–30 unique learners.

Discover a student’s
unique learning profile (ULP).

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We’ll build your child a unique learning profile that shows you how their mind works.
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Through a combination of academic coaching, assistive technology and evidenced-based learning strategies, we'll help your child maximize their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.
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We’ll work with you, your child’s teachers and the school to make sure your child is receiving the accommodations they need to succeed.