Workshops – Overview

Learn Different in the Community

Teachers and parents find tremendous value in Todd’s seminars, both for the subject matter and Todd’s unique speaking style.


Title: Learning Differently

Through an engaging and illuminating story that details the experiences of an individual with a learning difference from first grade through to his first job post-university, you’ll see how Assistive Technology can be and has been used in a regular classroom.

A range of assistive technologies are highlighted (for reading, writing, note-taking, organization, studying and math), along with strategies for enabling students to use their natural strengths to overcome their weaknesses; as well as solutions to common barriers that educators encounter when using assistive technology.

This sought-after presentation can be tailored to a broad audience, for students, parents or educators.

Title: Linking Assistive Technology to ULPs

After years of introducing Adaptive Technology to students, parents and educators — and as a user of the technology himself — one of the primary challenges Dr. Todd Cunningham has faced is choosing the right technology for a student. It’s difficult because it’s not a miracle cure; it’s a tool that everyone involved has to feel comfortable using.

This presentation introduces a method for matching tools to Unique Learning Profiles (ULPs) that takes into consideration the characteristics of the learning environment and the objectives of the curriculum. In addition, a variety of learning strategies that support the effective use of Assistive Technology will be demonstrated and linked to specific technologies.

Title: Text-To-Speech: More than a Talking Computer

Educators and technology developers have been working together for some time, but the advancements in the last decade have been nothing short of remarkable.

This keynote address will focus on Text-to-Speech (TTS) programs that aid students with reading weaknesses.

The presentation will demonstrate the latest TTS tools, and reveal research findings that are leading to the development of new TTS software and the attainable goal of increasing comprehension abilities of all students.