This 60 minute consultation is designed for our clinical team to gather detailed information about your child/youth’s learning profile and the areas of difficulty they are experiencing. You will be provided with recommendations for a comprehensive support plan for your child around assistive technology, assessments, academic intervention and psychological services.
Price includes chart review.

$2000 (includes $300 Initial Consultation Fee)

The goal of assessment is to figure out how your child/youth is learning and functioning in life. To complete this we look at 3 core areas: academic skills, social/emotional functioning, and underlying cognitive abilities. The assessment process includes consultation, testing and feedback. The assessment testing takes place over 2 sessions (approximately 4 hours of testing). The goal of assessment is to create an ‘instruction manual’ for your child/youth that explains why they are experiencing difficulties in school and/or life. Issues that can be identified through this process include: ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, Language Processing Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder etc.


During a psychological assessment, sometimes it becomes aware that additional testing is needed to clarify diagnostics and to help inform intervention for your child/youth. We will consult with you throughout the psychological assessment process if this additional assessment is recommended.

$1000 (includes $300 Initial Consultation Fee)

If you are considering gifted programming for your child/youth in the school system, this assessment will provide the required documentation for school boards. Giftedness is a non-diagnosis, but identification is required for school board placement.


Our Learn Different experts provide Academic Intervention in the form of a customized remediation and/or compensatory therapy program to best support your child/youth’s unique learning profile. All Academic Intervention takes place at our clinic in a one-on-one setting.

$250/hour with a Registered Psychologist
$150/hour with a Supervised Clinician

As mental health professionals, we understand the importance of addressing non-academic issues that are impacting your child/youth’s ability to learn. We use a variety of evidence-based therapies based on the needs of the child and the family.


We can help you navigate the school system and build productive partnerships with teachers and administrators that ensure your child/youth receives the best support. We can also appear with you (or on your behalf) at school support team meetings, IEP meetings or IPRC meetings.

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We provide consultation to educators within Ontario regarding challenges they may be experiencing in the classroom.

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See Workshops for more details.

Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours’ notice for a session cancellation.
Full session fees are charged for missed appointments without at least 24 hours’ notice, unless in cases of emergency.
An invoice will be sent to the address on file for late cancellations or missed appointments.


By phone call 647-542-3433, email info@learndifferent.org, or online:

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Privacy and Confidentiality

As members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, we follow the standards of the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).